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uses of garment steamer

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uses of garment steamer

If you’ve never had the chance to steam off your clothes, then get ready for something truly amazing. A steamer can make your clothes wrinkle-free without having to use an iron.

Steaming also ensures that the color of your clothes stays bright for longer and since it does not require using any chemicals, they cause no harm to your skin and your clothes.

Garment steamers are also great for cleaning all sorts of things. In this article, I will introduce you to 7 reasons I’m thrilled to own a steamer for other than removing wrinkles from my clothes.

3 Minute Rule

How long should you use the steamer to clean things around your house for?

In my experience, use the steamer on clothes for 10-15 seconds, move the nozzle with an up and down movement for 3 to 4 inches. For other uses, I find the best results in the same up and down movement, but a longer motion, and for 3 consecutive minutes.

1. Artificial Plants

Many people are opting for artificial plants for their home to save money, time, and energy. 

If it’s your case, your garment steamer will solve the maintenance problem, keeping your artificial plants and flowers sparkling and dust free with just a few minutes of work.

How to steam clean artificial plants

To maintain your artificial flower looking its best and bring them back to life, making it as pristine as the day it was made, it’s a good idea to keep a few cleaning tips in mind.

You should steam the fabric a few times a year and follow the 3-minute rule for effective cleaning. It’s easy as pie, and it’s the best method to kill most germs and bacteria organically and naturally, with little to no effort.

Just make sure you don’t do this when the fabric is wet. Also, use only distilled water to clean your artificial flowers.

Do not use tap water otherwise it will leave a chemical residue on the material which will cause it to lose its lustre and eventually fade.

2. Kitchen Sink and Table Top

You may wonder why it is important to sanitize the kitchen sink and table-top of your kitchen. The answer is that it prevents bacteria from growing.

How to steam clean kitchen and table top

You can use your garment steamer for this task. It has been proven that the use of steam destroys up to 97% of bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms.

In my home, I spend 20-30 minutes one day a week to disinfect and sanitize my kitchen. It’s also fantastic at removing hard water stains and limescale. Try it!

3. Air Vents

Air vents are important for the health of your home, but can also be a big hassle to clean. Luckily, with a garment steamer, you can make cleaning these vents a lot easier.

How to steam clean air vents

I clean vents around the house every month or two using the following process:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the superficial dust.
  • Use the steamer to soften the black dust glued to the vents (always apply the 3-minute rule); the steam’s heat softens the residue dirt out, leaving them looking like new. This means that all the yucky substances like dust and pet hair will be removed, giving you a more sanitary home.
  • With a wet towel, scrub the vent.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner again to remove excess, especially from the corners.
  • Finish up with your steamer to sanitize. Optionally, you can use a dry towel to remove possible steam condensation.

In my experience, this process does a fairly good job, considering time/effort as the main variable. 

In reality, the best way to clean air vents is to take them apart and scrub them thoroughly (hours of work), finally using your steamer to sanitize.

4. Pet Litter Box and Toys

How to steam clean pet litter box

You can disinfect pet litter boxes and toys with your steamer. This is important because when your pet leaves poop in their litter box, bacteria multiplies quickly. Same story goes with their toys, since they continuously chew on them, it could become a focus of infection for germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

5. Car Interior

There are many ways to clean a car interior, but using a garment steamer is one of the most effective ones. In just a few minutes, you can wipe down the dashboard, door panels, and seats with no chemicals whatsoever.

This trick is perfect for when you want to remove a musty smell from the vehicle, or if you want to just give the interior a thorough cleanse without spending a lot of time or money.

Once you have cleaned the seats, give them a good vacuum to remove any dust that may have been missed.

6. Grout

Grout is the material that fills the space between tiles. Steamers are the best way to clean grout between tiles.

The steam loosens dirt and bacteria, letting it be scrubbed off easily. Steaming also destroys odors that linger in the room, leaving behind a fresh smell.

7. Upholstery

We all know how essential it is to have an upholstery cleaner for when things get too grungy. If you  already own a garment steamer, you’re in luck! It’s the perfect tool for cleaning upholstery. 

All you need to do is steam the furniture and then use a clean towel to wipe off the mess. It’s really that easy!


Garment steamers are a great way to remove wrinkles and sanitize clothes and other fabrics. But the soft stream of steam also does a lot more than that, as I showed you 7 other ways I use my steamer in my house.

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