NanoSteamer Clinical – 10-in-1 Smart Steam Dermatologist Grade Ionic Facial Steamer with 2 Multi-Position Steam Nozzles – Digital LCD Screen – Extraction Set – 6 Pre-Programmed Professional Modes Price: $69.95 (as of 01/02/2024 23:04 PST- Details)

  • NanoSteamer Clinical offers 6 pre-programmed modes mimicking professional skincare treatments.
  • Its 10x Power Smart Steam deeply hydrates, cleanses, and enhances skincare product absorption.
  • Dual-nozzle design provides versatile and comfortable steaming positions.
  • Includes aromatherapy and extraction set for a luxurious spa experience.
  • Functions as a humidifier, has a large water reservoir, and comes with a 5-piece stainless steel skin kit, all backed by exceptional customer care.



Introducing the Ultimate in Clinical-Grade Facial Steaming At-Home: The NanoSteamer Clinical

Are you ready to revolutionize your skincare routine with the NanoSteamer Clinical? This one-of-a-kind beauty device is not just your average facial steamer; it’s a game-changer in the world of at-home skincare. Get ready to experience spa-quality treatments in the comfort of your own home while supercharging your skincare regimen for stunning results. Say goodbye to expensive professional treatments and hello to radiant, healthy skin.

Experience Aesthetician-Approved Skincare Protocols

The NanoSteamer Clinical boasts six pre-programmed modes, meticulously designed to mimic the exact skincare protocols used by aestheticians and dermatologists in their high-end offices and luxurious spas. Whether you’re dealing with dry skin, oily skin, signs of aging, or troublesome breakouts, this versatile device has you covered. With the Digital LCD computer screen, effortlessly select from Cold Mode, Cleanse Mode, Hot Mode, Hydration Mode, Oil-Control Mode, and Smart-Steam Mode. Say hello to a new era of glowing, vibrant skin, free from irritation or dryness.

Unleash the Power of Smart Steam

What sets the NanoSteamer Clinical apart is its Skin Transforming 10x Power Smart Steam technology. This groundbreaking innovation generates negatively charged particles that deeply hydrate, moisturize, and effectively cleanse your skin. The benefits are a remarkable 10 times more potent than ordinary steamers, opening your pores gently to ensure your skincare serums and treatments penetrate deeply and work their magic.

Dual-Nozzle 360-Rotation Treatments

Unlike any other at-home steamer, the NanoSteamer Clinical offers complete range-of-motion and positioning possibilities for versatile treatments. Equipped with two interchangeable attachments – the Long Nozzle and Short Fluted Nozzle – you can steam your face while lying down in bed, on a couch, in a chair (long nozzle), or at a table-top at any height (short nozzle). Focus the steam onto specific areas or envelop your entire face for a spa-like experience like no other.

Aromatherapy & Extraction Set for Luxurious Treatments

Elevate your self-care routine with the included aromatherapy basket, allowing you to infuse customizable herbs, flowers, and beneficial oils into your steaming protocol. Unwind, relax, and enjoy a bespoke luxury experience as the soothing scents envelop you. But that’s not all – the NanoSteamer Clinical also includes a 5-piece stainless steel extraction set. These are the same tools skincare specialists use to safely and gently tackle pore concerns like whiteheads and blackheads, leaving your skin blemish-free and rejuvenated.

More Than Just a Steamer

The NanoSteamer Clinical is a genuine 3-in-1 device. Not only does it provide clinical-grade steaming, but it also functions as a powerful humidifier and features a built-in towel warming chamber. Elevate your spa experience further by wrapping yourself in a warm towel after your steam session.

Unparalleled Reservoir Capacity

Say goodbye to constantly refilling your steamer. The NanoSteamer Clinical boasts a larger water reservoir that offers up to 30 minutes of continuous steaming time. Compare that to other steamers with a mere 5-8 minutes of run time, and you’ll see why this device is in a league of its own.

Exceptional Customer Care

When you choose the NanoSteamer Clinical, you’re not just getting a cutting-edge skincare device; you’re also gaining access to our legendary customer care team at Pure Daily Care, based in the USA. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and providing support whenever you need it.

Experience the future of at-home skincare with the NanoSteamer Clinical. Unlock the secrets to radiant, youthful, and healthy skin in the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your beauty regimen. Say hello to the skin you’ve always dreamed of – it’s just a steam away!