Should You Use Clothes Steamers On Your Face? (Don’t Do It!)




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Do you have a lot of dry, winter skin on your face? Do you want to get it back to its healthy state with a product that is both gentle and natural?

If so, is it safe to use a clothes steamer on your face?

NO, I don’t advise using a clothes steamer on your face. There are much better steamers designed specifically for your face. Read until the end for a quick guide to pros and cons of face steamers.

Meanwhile, check out these face steamers with excellent user reviews:

Why Using a Clothes Steamer on Your Face Is Bad For You

Clothes steamers are used to remove wrinkles from clothes, not from skin.

The steam generated from the clothes steamers is more powerful, and therefore has a much higher intensity and volume, than the steam from a facial steamer.

Their average watt power is about 1200-2000 vs the 20-150 watts of a facial steamer. The risk of getting burned or seriously injure your face is very high.

If you suffer from any kind of skin condition, such as rosacea or eczema, you should avoid them completely. Also, the heat of the steam may cause “flushing” to anyone prone to skin redness and, it can even damage your contact lenses.

Nonetheless, Steam is used in many ways for facial beauty care, opening up your pores and thoroughly cleansing and hydrating your skin.

This is why there are lots of DIY steam facials on YouTube and other popular social networks, since consistently getting a facial at a salon would cost a fortune and may not be possible for everyone.

So, If you really want to enjoy the feeling of a smooth and healthy face skin through steaming, you should buy a Facial Steamer.

Is it worth to buy a Facial Steamer?

Facial steamers are the perfect choice for the face, neck, and delicate skin around the eyes.

They operate at a lower wattage than other types of steamers, which means that there is less steam and heat coming out from the appliance. The risk of injury is also significantly less.

There are plenty of facial steamers available, but it’s a good idea to pick out those that are recommended by skin experts.

If your goal is to leave the house looking refreshed and rejuvenated, it’s hard to beat a facial at the SPA.

When the esthetician applies the steamers to your face, you’ll feel the gentle heat that creates a relaxing environment for your skin to rest in while it is cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized.

You may have even used one at your local beauty store, and maybe your skin looked a bit brighter after a few minutes.

But did you know that facial steamers can do more than simply make your skin look brighter?

Facial steamers are an effective part of your skincare regimen. They loosen make-up and impurities from your face and help cleanse the skin to prepare it for moisturizer and serums.

Pat, the esthetician at my local SPA, explained the benefits of facial steamers: “Using a facial steamer at home is a great way to increase the circulation to your skin, which means you’ll have better results for your make-up removal and your skin’s overall health”.

She continued: “My skin care routine is to always cleanse, steam, cleanse again, apply serum, and then finish with a moisturizer.”

If you’re considering doing some DIY home care to improve the look of your skin, you should invest in a quality facial steamer. These beauty tools can give you the spa-like experience at home.

One of the best parts of this facial steamer is how simple it is. It’s a one piece design that’s lightweight and compact.

With one touch, it heats up, so you don’t need to watch and wait for steam to come out of the wand. The result? A simple, micro-steam facial cleanses, hydrates, and clarifies your skin.

Pat also suggests getting the steamer that comes with a gentle brush that you can use to exfoliate your skin before steaming for best results. However, users should be careful when doing it at home.

When extractions are done improperly, they can cause scarring and more harm than the blackhead itself. She tells her clients to leave extractions to the professionals, because the skin is delicate.

At home, she has been using the NanoSteamer PRO, and she is very happy with the results. It has a long-lasting power, and it’s inexpensive.

At work, they use the AceFox Ozone Facial Steamer with Hot Mist Function, which is surprisingly easy to use and, of course, professional. If you have the space, buy it, it’s amazing.

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Clothes steamers are not designed to steam and cleanse the skin on your face. If you try to use one of these clothes steamers on your face, you will most likely end up hurting and will be left with an irritated, sore and dry face.

On the other hand, if you want to start or try face steaming, there are appliances designed to help your skin stay moisturized and clean by creating a warm steamy atmosphere.

They are more effective at keeping your skin clean than simply washing it with water, but they aren’t as effective at keeping your skin moisturized.

And the best part is that they are less than $50.

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